Fruhstorfer soil

Hawita-Fruhstorfer pine bark in four different sizes

Hawita-Fruhstorfer pine bark is a natural, decorative floor covering made of pure pine bark, available in the different sizes fine, medium and coarse. Hawita-Fruhstorfer pine bark offers creative and attractive design possibilities for the sustainable care and beautification of the garden as well as for the decorative covering of buckets and other planters. It naturally suppresses weed growth and protects against dehydration and erosion. Pine bark is a crushed, unfermented bark without any additional additives. It does not release tannins or toxins and can therefore also be used as interior decor. In addition, the pine bark emits a pleasant softwood fragrance.
package size
0251606 (2-8 mm)Sack70 ltr.36
0251706 (7-15 mm)Sack70 ltr.36
0251806 (15-25mm)Sack70 ltr.36
0251906 (25-45mm)Sack70 ltr.36