Water Reservoir for Terracotta and Co.

Aqua Cotta: insert for planters save hobby gardeners from frequent watering

For hobby gardeners who don’t have much time or no green fingers, technoplant has developed the Aqua Cotta water reservoir. It fits into almost every pot and is suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

Planters with a water reservoir system take over the job of daily watering and, thanks to this, have already been bestsellers in gardening centres, do-it-yourself stores and online shops for years. Customers who prefer pots made of earthenware, terracotta or ceramics have to water their plants more frequently and, in the majority of cases, the amount of water given is a question of intuition. Now, the plastic planter producer technoplant has the solution for them: the Aqua Cotta water reservoirinsert.

The water reservoir is placed in the planter before the actual planting. Water is filled in the tank via a nozzle. As with the technoplant plastic planters, a sieve plate separates the substrate from the water.

Aqua Cotta fits into almost every pot

Aqua Cotta is available in two sizes. The water reservoir inserthas a flexible rim, so that it fits into all pots and tubs with a diameter rangingbetween 25 and 35 centimetresor 40 and 55 centimetres.

The filler necks for the water are also flexible and can be adjusted to the pot’s height. A cover cap serves two purposes. On the one hand, it prevents the soil from crumbling into the neck and, on the other, too much water from evaporating. If the neck would be a problem for optical reasons – for instance with a tall plant – one can also do without it. To achieve this, the hobby gardener must simply place the sealing plug in the sieve plate opening, so that no soil enters the water reservoir.

With Aqua Cotta, daily watering is a thing of the past. Yet, despite this, the plant is always optimally cared for. “Many hobby gardeners tend to water too much,” says Jörg Naffin from technoplant. A float gauge in the water reservoir clearly shows if additional water is required. As a general principle, the plants only need to be watered again after a number of days – in indoor areas, the water reservoir frequently lasts even longer.

Indoors an Outdoors

The Aqua Cotta water reservoir insert is interesting for the trade business because it can be used both indoors and outdoors, thus regardless of the season. This means it can be sold all year round. What is more, thanks to its outer packaging,it is self-explanatory, Naffin states. Due to the transparent packaging film, the product is visible and recognisable for the customers.The saddle label is in German on one side and comes with Euro-standard holes –making it ideal for optimal presentation, as the products can be hung up on the self-service walls. On the back, the product is explained in English and French.In addition to this, assembly instructions have been included.

According to Naffin, Aqua Cotta is an ideal all-year complementary product for every kind of hardware and, in addition to the placing at the self-service walls, it can also be presented in the sales display as a secondary placement.


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