Hawita Fruhstorfer Bio soil

Bio sowing and Herb Soil

The Hawita-Fruhstorfer Bio sowing and Herb Soil can be used in pots and bowls directly to sowing or transplanting of existing plants. For sowing only new or clean containers should be taken. Fill the planter with Hawita-Fruhstorfer Bio sowing and Herb Soil and pour the soil gently. Sow the seeds according to the instructions on the seed rate and- deep and lightly cover with soil. Carefully pour. Cover the planter with a plastic film or a lid. Make sure that the seed is in a lighted and well-tempered environment at about 20 C. Keep the soil moist at all times. For planting in the field, you loosen the soil and rid the area of weeds and stones. Mix the existing garden soil 1:1 with the Hawita-Fruhstorfer Bio sowing and Herb Soil. Gently work into the substrate, the seeds sown. Press the soil slightly and then water carefully. In the propagation by cuttings, prepare the planter as when sowing. Do not put the cuttings too tight. Press the Hawita-Fruhstorfer Bio sowing and Herb Soil around the cuttings gently and then water carefully. The planter should be protected by a plastic film; the cuttings should not have contact with the film. Once the cuttings have developed roots, you prick them and plant them in a larger container. Herbs have very different needs. Most Mediterranean herbs love sunny locations and sandy soil. The place in the sun has a favorable effect on growth, flavor and ingredients. Other herbs may prefer moderately moist and warm or humid and shad.
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